Why I created SoImagely

Why I created SoImagely

In a past life, when I had a 'local' business I used to create content, most of it was blog content that would then be shared across social media accounts. The reason for creating content was to attract people to my website with the hope of converting them into leads and customers.

My business was a local one, and my website and content worked well to attract customers. That’s when I really understood the power of being found on Google (it’s one thing to read about it, it’s another to experience it first hand and actually get real life customers from it).

My content was mainly blog posts about things related to the business, which I would share on Facebook and Twitter. Creating the content wasn’t much of a problem because if you have domain knowledge you should be able to write about it. Right?

The thing that I always found more difficult was selecting images or photos that would accompany the post. I would want to have images that have something in common with the subject matter of the post. And I would want it to not be too cheesy (as in it shouldn’t look too much like a typical stock image). That’s not much to ask for. Yet, I still found it difficult to find the right image.

Aside from finding the right image, I also didn’t want to spend too much time working on it, given that I’d already spent a lot of time writing the content. Which is exactly what I was doing.

So finding (or creating) the right image was my ‘itch’.

Scratching my own itch

I don’t have that business anymore and have been creating less content since then. But, I did remember the problems of finding and creating an image that goes well with content, and standing out in a long long social media feed.

I figured this is the itch that I want to scratch (Scratching your itch is the epic thing to do in the indie business hacking side project world, see one of my favourite websites Indie Hackers).

And thus, SoImagely was born!

Surely there are existing solutions out there

Smart and internet savvy people will point out that there are a number of solutions out there to solve these problems (of finding or creating images for content). But I felt that those solutions had shortcomings that didn’t address my problems. I’ll address the short comings of these solutions in another post.


To recap, these are the problems I faced:

 - Difficult to find or create images for a post, for both blog and social media;

 - Time consuming (to find or create images for a post);

In my next post I’ll describe what I think is needed in order to create great images for social media and blog content.

In case you’re curious

You may be wondering what kind of business I had and what kind of blog and social media content I was creating.

I had a business helping home owners rent out their home to tourists and expats. I (and mostly my team) would ensure that the home owner would have to do next to nothing to rent out their home and get paid for the privilege.

The content that I would write about were things like:

 - How to clean your home for your Airbnb Guests

 - The most Effective way to Rent out your Home in [insert city]

 - 10 Tips to Maximize your Rental Earnings in [insert city]

I had images of people cleaning a home, or someone handing over a set of keys to happy looking people.