5 recruitment images to use on LinkedIn

5 recruitment images to use on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a hugely important platform for recruitment of professionals, no matter what the profession, no matter what the location.

It has become the de facto online place for everything Human Resources (HR), recruitment, career and professional discussion.

So if you're serious about recruitment, you're very likely to be using LinkedIn as part of your recruitment strategy.

You probably also know that, even though there's a lot of recruitment opportunity on LinkedIn, it's increasingly difficult to stand out on LinkedIn and get noticed. So if you post a job opportunity, it can still be difficult to reach potential candidates.

Why is it difficult to stand out on LinkedIn?

As I mentioned above, LinkedIn is the de facto place for recruitment activities online. But because it's so popular, it means that many people are on LinkedIn trying to stand out too.

Add to that the fact that many people are posting messages, announcements, job opportunities, white papers, opinions, and more. These are all things that are drowning out your post.

Imagine it from the perspective of a well connected professional on LinkedIn: this person logs into LinkedIn, views his or her news feed, and sees a continuous and non-stop flood of posts, all trying to get attention.

So that's your competition when posting someting on LinkedIn!

How to stand out on LinkedIn

We've established that it's difficult to stand out on LinkedIn. But what can we do about it?

It's as easy as creating and posting interesting content. And also to catch the eye immediately.

An interesting image is a great way to immediately stand out, and be seen by the reader in a busy LinkedIn feed.

I bet you notice this

Did you notice that? Of course you did!

And that's why you would stand out on a busy LinkedIn feed too.

The great thing about this image is that it relates to the message I'm trying to convey. It helps to catch the attention of someone if the message is interesting too.

How can SoImagely help with creating images for your LinkedIn feed?

SoImagely has lots of template images that you can use to get your message across, and the best part is you can easily edit them to suit your specific needs.

The templates are made according to typical needs, so there are templates images for recruitment, templates images to announce things, templates images to wish a new year, template images to invite people to an event, and so on.

Editing the templates is designed to be super easy and quick, meaning that in no time at all you can edit an image template to say exactly what you need.

The 5 recruitment images to use on LinkedIn below were all created within minutes (or less) on SoImagely.

Oh, and I have another post, called 10 eye catching image templates for recruiters to attract developers and programmers on LinkedIn, Facebook and more, with more relevant image templates that you can use. 

Recruitment images to use on LinkedIn

The following images are all helpful in standing out on LinkedIn when posting to recruit candidates.

You can use these images yourself and customize to your specific requirements.

An illustrative recruitment image with bright colors

An illustrative recruitment image with bright colors

Click here to use this template

The first template image for recruitment purposes, for use on LinkedIn that I want to show is a very simple, and 'loud' example. It's simple because it only consists of a bright background color, a line on the left and text indicating the position that is wanted.

Because it's really simple, it's easy to change to your needs. You can change the text to match the position you are trying to fill, or you can have a message stating something completely different.

A recruitment image with a business or financial touch

A recruitment image with a business or financial touch

Click here to use this template

This template is designed to work for business (in general), finance or management, mainly due to the background image (although you can easily change the background image to anything you want), and also due to the serious central message area.

This image, when used on LinkedIn, and looking for 'serious' candidates will stand out in the right way.

A generic recruitment image

A generic recruitment image

Click here to use this template

Our third image is a generic one that could be used for any recruitment purpose. It has text on top of a semi-transparent circle. The background image is of a professional woman.

You could use this image template for many scenarios in your recruiting endevours.

A modern recruitment image with a bright pink color

A modern recruitment image

Click here to use this template

This template image immediately stands out because it has a bright pink section with white text. In this case, I've chosen the message to state that I'm looking for a recruiter, but of course you can use any message that you like.

This image has a modern look and feel to it, and is sure to stand out on LinkedIn.

An inspirational message to recruit candidates

An inspirational message to recruit candidates

Click here to use this template

Sometimes, in order to recruit people on LinkedIn, you don't have to take the direct route. In this template, we ask the question 'Are you the bright spark that will push us into the future?', it's an open question that will work well to engage your social media followers because it asks a question.

The background image reinforces the message because it shows a light held by a person.

In conclusion: the 5 LinkedIn recruitment images

I've shown 5 examples of images that would work well on LinkedIn in order to recruit people. If you were to use these types of images, your engagement on LinkedIn will no doubt improve.

SoImagely provides its users with the ability to create relevant images for social media (including LinkedIn). You can use it to create your own unique image, in order to improve your social media (and LinkedIn) game!