10 eye catching image templates for recruiters to attract developers and programmers on LinkedIn, Facebook and more

10 eye catching image templates for recruiters to attract developers and programmers on LinkedIn, Facebook and more

Recruiting developers and programmers (or any technical staff for that matter) can be difficult. There's high demand for technical people and so they can pick and choose, and importantly, they know it.

Social media is obviously a huge opportunity in order to reach these in demand folks. But social media is a crowded place. And you won't be the only one looking for developers or programmers, especially on LinkedIn, which is the worldwide professional network 'standard'.

One way to stand out is to use eye catching images: imagine scrolling through a long feed of posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, or some other social media website, as the reader (or user) scrolls through the social feed, it will contain post after post of content all trying to grab the users attention, and then your great image, with great text pops up.

The reader will much more likely click on your post if you have a great image (although it's obviously still not guaranteed), and your message is obviously also important.

And if you have more clicks on your post, you'll have more eye balls on your job offering (or offering in general), and a higher chance of converting!

Of course there are many more steps to take after this, but that's where the skills of a recruiter come in.

What makes a great image for recruiters to recruit developers and programmers?

There's no 'one size fits all' regarding an image to stand out, because there are a number of factors involved that vary per situation. For example, the specific job type, the target audience, LinkedIn versus Facebook or some other social media platform, and so on.

But generally speaking, the following greatly improves being seen and engagement:

 - A relevant image: if you're selling frying pans, you want to show frying pans, if you're selling a holiday, you want to show the holiday destination, if you're selling a job, show something relevant to the job!

 - Text that stands out: Something you can read on the image, quickly explaining what the post is about (in this case advertising a job).

 - The right messaging: You don't just want text, but you also want the right messaging that engages the reader. This could be a short (controversial) statement, or a longer explanation of the job or company you're promoting.

 - It should vary: If you always use the same types of images, readers will get used to it, and engagement will go down. So spend time to tailor each image to the specifics of the post (or job or company).

10 examples of engaging images

Below I'll show you some great engaging images for LinkedIn, Facebook and more to attract developers and programmers for job openings.

All of the examples are customizable, so you can change the details of the text, the messaging, to fit your precise needs. And best of all, you can do so within seconds and be ready to post to your social media platform of choice.

Looking for a PHP developer

Looking for a PHP developer

Click here to use this template

This template shows a Macbook Pro in the background, with a number of semi-transparent rectangles around the edges, and a main message at the center of the image, stating 'Looking for a PHP Developer'.

The messaging at the center stands out because of the background color being dark, and the text being light.

Of course many options are customizable:

 - The message itself is fully customizable, so change it to a completely different message, or instead of PHP, you could enter 'Java', '.NET', etc.;

 - The font, the text size, and position are all customizable;

Work at home: JavaScript dev needed to join my client

Work at Home: Javascript Dev Needed to Join my Client

Click here to use this template

This template shows a black and white background image, with white text which consists of the main message. In this case it regards looking for a JavaScript developer.

The text is customizable, so the message can be changed to suit your precise needs. The background image can also be changed to any image you want.

The style of this template image is minimalistic, and works well stylistically.

Lost focus? Time to switch Jobs?

Lost Focus? Time to Switch Jobs?

Click here to use this template

This template shows a background images with glass that focus on a screen. This allows you to use the word 'focus' well. The template works well by being easy to read, and thus will stand out well in a busy social media feed. This would work particulary well in LinkedIn, targeting a developer.

There's no I in our team

There's No I in Our Team

Click here to use this template

If you want to focus on attracting the attention of developers or programmers with more of a team player component, you can use an image template with a feel good team element to it.

This template does exactly that and shows a background image with a 'high five' scene, and huge text with the famous 'there's no I in (our) team' saying.

Of course you can change all the details of this template, like all others. So you can change the background image, text details and message to suit your needs.

Looking for Java developers

Looking for Java developers

Click here to use this template

It's not absolutely mandatory to use background images in order to stand out in a social media feed. In fact, it can be a refreshing change to use a simple colored background, with bright text and a simple message.

That's exactly what this image template does! If you see this in a LinkedIn or Facebook feed, you'll certainly notice it.

In fact, because it's so catchy, you shouldn't use this type of image too often because it might annoy some of your followers.

Of course, as is always the case with SoImagely image templates, you can fully customize your message to whatever you need.

Program on your terms

Program on your terms

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Developers love tech toys. So what better to get the interest of a programmer, on social media, than an image with lots of tech goodies.

This template has a background image showing the best Apple products, and the message implies that anyone joining the company company will receive these products (or any products of the developers choosing).

Be sure to check whether you can make this promise though!

This template is rather simple, with only an image, and text on top of it. The text may not work if you choose a different background image. So be careful when using it.

Want to work in big data?

Want to work in big data?

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Many developers and programmers have been moving towards working on big data. Using their programming skills to comb through data can be a challenge!

This template is great for the big data theme becaue the background image shows data points on a laptop.

Again, this template can be fully tweaked to your specific needs.

Startup looking for coder

Startup looking for coder

Click here to use this template

You don't have to have a complicated image to get a message accross. Case in point is this template!

It's a simple background color, without an image, and a bold message that is sure to standout on social media.

This template, because it's so simple, can be used to express any message.

5 reasons why you should consider switching jobs

5 reasons why you should consider switching jobs

Click here to use this template

You don't have to directly appeal to developers or programmers with a job posting.

Instead, you can let them think about why they should consider switching jobs. And, if your informational post makes the reader think, you have an opportunity to pitch a job afterwards.

This image does exactly that, but again, you can switch the text to whatever you want!

Work for us and get any tech you want

Work for us and get any tech you want

Click here to use this template

Last but not least in our 10 examples of images to attract developers and programmers on LinkedIn and Facebook.

This image template, like one of the earlier ones, appeals to the techy developers and programmers. It has a background image with some nice Apple gear. This is surely to appeal to tech lovers when they see this in their social feed.

Summary of image templates for recruiters to attract developers and programmers on LinkedIn, Facebook and more

I've shown you 10 great templates you can use to attract developers and programmers on LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

Of course, SoImagely has many many more relevant templates. So I suggest you have a look at our library of image templates.

The key take aways:

 - In order to stand out on social media platforms, like LinkedIn or Facebook, a great tactic to employ is the use of interesting and relevant images, and SoImagely has lots of those;

 - There are many types of images you can use, choosing the right one depends on the specifics of your message;

 - The 10 templates shown above are great examples and inspiration for you to use on social media;

In future posts I'll no doubt show you more great image templates you can use on SoImagely!